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A do-nothing government

On 20th March, 3.26 million Bq/m2 (a square meter) of cesium 137 was detected from soil in Iidate-mura (Iidate village) at a distance of about 40 km north-west of Fukushima Nuclear Plants.

This level exceeds the evacuation level of 0.55 million Bq/m2 of cesium 137 applied to surrounding areas of Chernobyl Plant.

However, the Japan government has not appointed Iidate-mura for evacuation to date because this village is outside of a 30km concentric ‘voluntary-evacuation’ circle surronding Fukushima Nuclear Plants as previously appointed.


by R. Enomori

P.S. Today (31st March), in view of critical level of radiation at Iidate-mura, the IAEA issues an offical statement for immediate evacuation of the people of this village, but the Japan government does not take the statement as it stands, but states that it is necessary to conduct continuously the investigation of a soil contamination at this village while deserting the people there.  I think such a do-nothing attitude disregards human rights!

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