zChocolat (Stylish Elegance chocolates in deluxe mahogany chest box)


Hello, Friends!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I'm a professional technical translator (Japanese - English) specialized in the field of intellectual property.

My work is to search the customers' psychology in Japan and to advertise goods having a peculiar charm from all over the world by using sns such as Twitter and Facebook (I have accounts in both media). 

In Japan, the sweets especially chocolates and cakes are things that Japanese young ladies are curious about.  They are always keen on collecting information about new and eye-catching goods that other persons have never known.  If you can offer me your affiliate program about your unique and special sweets products, this is much that I can say,  young Japanese ladies shall be fascinated to discover many goods, in particular chocolates with my advertise using your program and running it on this blog as well as facebook and twitter.

Now, I'm an evangelist of TweetAdder enabling the efficient advertisement and research in tweets.

Please follow me, and thank you again.


R. Enomori

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