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I'm worred about that many Japan patent firms will go out of business under the TPP.

As you know, Japan is considering a TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) joining. 

It says that the TPP shall substantially mean a FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between Japan and the U.S.A.  The TPP aims at the liberalization of 100 percent of trade and the elimination of any obstacles to trade (e.g., language, qualification as an attorney) in the member states. 

I do not know whether some reservations about services schedules that partially restrict foreign service suppliers' access to the market, will be adopted exceptionally, in particular, whether "patent attorneys" will be listed in such reservations.

The question that I have, is whether the foreign service suppliers, in particular, U.S. patent litigation specialists will watch for playing field in Japan and find a way out of a difficulty of their home market once the TPP is concluded wherein Japan and the U.S.A. join with other states.   The majority of  patent firms in Japan is at prosecution work, and lacks professional skill or expertise in handling overseas patent litigations as compared with U.S. litigation specialists. 

Therefore,  by the entry of U.S. patent litigation specialists into new marketplace in Japan under the TPP, I'm worried that many Japan patent firms will go out of business or will be resigned to low margin prosecution work.  

I need somebody's opinion.

by R. Enomori

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