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Charcoal powder has innumerable effects and potentials.

1. Solid fuel
Small round charcoal briquette for a stove is a rolled up charcoal powder into a ball kneaded with a marine alga as glue (briquette of this type is called “Tadon”).

2. Food additives
Charcoal permitted as food additive is used in a manufacturing process of food as processing aid (filter medium, sorbent) and colorant. Charcoal powder-in cream-filled or topped pastry has a success recently.

Chacoal powder-in cream pastry
Charcoal powder-in pastry
3. Inkstick (“Sumi”)
“Sumi” is a type of solid ink used traditionally in several East Asian cultures for calligraphy (“Shodō”) and brush painting.  “Sumi” is made mainly of soot (by-product of charcoal) and animal glue, sometimes with incense or medicinal scents added.

4. Shielding material against radio wave entry
When a plate coated with a charcoal powder is designed to cover a solid without space, it works as a protective wall against radio wave entry.  Building materials using charcoal powder have recently attracted a great deal of attention of a person who suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

5. Supplement for intestinal disorders
In Japan, we have an old wives' remedy to take charcoal in anticipation of effect on intestinal regulation and detoxification (adsorption) since early times.  As the customs of the countryside in Japan, a charcoal maker takes charcoal powder for intestinal regulation purpose.  As the proverb says, “Charcoal makers do not know deceases.”
Please refer to my journal posted in past.

6. Deodrizer / Odd Absorbent
Charcoal powder readily absorbs odors and other impurities from both water and air due to micropores of each particle.  Charcoal soap is made from natural ingredients (wasted vegetable oil + charcoal powder + other natural materials) as a substitute for petrochemicals, and it can provide more moisture to the skin while absorbing adequately body wastes and odd.

Charcoal soap
7. Polishing powder for lacquered Japan wares
As polishing powder in a process of finishing a lacquered ware, fine charcoal powder has been used in the field of traditional craft.

Polishing powder
8. Energy-harvesting use
Please refer to my journal posted in past.

I can make plans for a tour of Nanmoku-mura, Gunma-pref. (famous for its production of charcoal powder) to show you around, if you are keen to do so.  Please do not hesitate to contact me by facebook.

by R. Enomori

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