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A portable water sprayer for anal and genital cleansing

A portable water sprayer for anal and genital cleansing that I would like to introduce here is more nature friendly than an electric toilet seats or a portable battery-operated sprayer with the same feature (e.g., TOTO’s “Washlet®”). 

TOTO's product (above) is not recommended because this product is battery operated.
If batteries are dead, not operated.

These products are free from battery (above and below), and
not bulky as compared with TOTO's product (above).

The second and third products in the above are easy to carry about even in an airplane, but the first one is not. 
It goes without saying that the cleansing by water prevents hemorrhoids and other skin troubles which usually arise from scoring with papers. 

The portable water sprayers introduced here are all made in Japan and each one comprises a container (fills with warm water and yields to pressure by hand), a nozzle (pull-in and out from the container) and a nozzle cap.   Antimicrobial treatment is given to all parts.

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by R. Enomori

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