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Most recommended Hotel in historical city 'Nara' near 'Kyoto' in Japan

Contrary to what you might think, a chapel does not necessary belong to a church in Japan. Most chapels are mere facilities of ceremony halls and/or hotels and the ceremonies such as a wedding ceremony held therein generally do not concern the religion and the faith in the strict sense of those words.

Therefore, the hotel with a chapel is always available to a tourist who does not concern a bridal, but stay just for sightseeing.

‘Marks W Hotel Nara’with ‘St. Sophie Barat (St. Sophie Rose Chapel)’ is the hotel as such and it is highly recommended if you go to ‘Nara’ or ‘Kyoto’ to see the sights. 

To see Buddhist temples, to stay in Christian-style hotel is amazing.
‘Marks W Hotel Nara’ is located in ‘Yamato-Koriyama’ and it is a minute walk from JR ‘Koriyama’ Station east exit. It is only a few stops to ‘Nara’! Services of ‘Marks W Hotel Nara’ are always highly rated by customers. 

Hotel charges are not expensive, but very reasonable as compared with those of other hotels in the city of ‘Nara’.

For more information: (in Japanese)

by R. Enomori

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